Kate Cherie

Web Developer

More About Me...

I am a self-taught Web Developer. My journey into web development and coding began due to a combination of events and circumstances. Initially I would pinpoint it mostly to curiosity triggered by spending time in California’s Silicon Valley where my partner lives. I was also heavily inspired after reading Sheryl Sandberg’s book ‘Lean In’. Having been a casual travel blogger, I also had the desire to spruce up the design of my travel blog website with the goal of having my own domain for it and more control. Thus began my journey into teaching myself coding with online resources, courses and projects.

In truth, my travel blog passion project is still lying in wait on the cutting room floor. I haven’t abandoned it, just postponed it for now, while I build up my skills and experience and turn this new found love of coding into a career!
I am grateful I started down this road. The journey has been very rewarding and I love the challenges and thrill of successes it brings, day in, day out. I am a ‘why’ person; I love to know how things work, and I think that is part of the sense of achievement and accomplishment I get as I learn new things. The curious girl inside of me thrives on it!

My background prior to becoming a web developer is quite varied. I worked in a lot of hospitality and customer service positions spanning high school and university, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Screen Production. I have always enjoyed practical and hands-on work, often with a creative and/or technical element. Some years post university were then spent with my own business doing bookkeeping and tax compliance work. Prior to my transition to a developer, I spent 5 years as a Travel Consultant for Flight Centre Travel Group, making customers' holiday dreams come true.

Travel is still very close to my heart. I have most definitely been bitten by the travel bug and I don’t wish to seek a cure. I absolutely love the way travelling can change you, and open up your eyes to new things, new experiences, different cultures, and an appreciation for the unknown. We don’t know what we don’t know until some new experience or journey takes us to that place. No experience is ever a waste, as long as we take something away from it. This goes for the good and the bad. I apply this to my coding and learning journey all the time.

My other hobbies include cycling, tennis, reading, movies, writing, and cooking yummy and healthy foods (yes I believe the combination is absolutely possible!). I am always trying to one-up myself in the kitchen, and improve on each dish I prepare and learn from it for the next time. I’m very big on home cooking when possible, and including nutrient dense ingredients in each meal for better health, focus (for coding of course!), and longevity.

One of my favourite things about learning to code is that I can see it will be a life-long journey. There is much to learn, so many different ways to improve my skills and build upon this foundation and then, branch off in a new direction when opportunities arise. In an ever changing industry, I may never, ever feel I have finished learning and that is just part of the appeal.