Kate Cherie

Web Developer

About Me

Hi, I’m Kate! I am a Web Developer living most of the year in Los Gatos, California. I am an Australian, born and bred, but I try to travel the world as much as I can to satisfy my wanderlust. I love Northern California weather, the diversity and culture; I really do feel blessed to reside here. Coding, travelling, and cooking are my three favourite ways of spending time. I also enjoy reading about these topics, fitting in some cycling, tennis, or yoga, and perhaps a bit of Netflix for some down time.

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I use HTML5 and CSS3 to create responsive websites, using semantic tags for accessibility and search engine optimization.

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JavaScript & React

I use JavaScript and React to create functional and intuitive interactions for the user.

Git & GitHub

I am experinced using the Command-line interface with Git and Github for version control, installing node packages and more.


Website Project

A landing page project using CSS Grid for a fictional Real Estate company with a great example of the power of CSS Grid to make a stunning, responsive photo gallery as well as a complex overall grid layout for the entire page.

Website Project

A single page project for a travel touring website, showcasing a variety of animations and transitions done with pure CSS. Layout done with floats and without any use of Flexbox or Grid.

Javascript Project

A Javascript project to build a virtual version of the Magic 8 Ball game. Complete with pop up input field for YES/NO questions, 21 possible answers and some small animation.

Javascript Project

A Javascript project for an interactive monthly budget webapp to keep track of income and expenses. Creates a list for each, and tallies up to display if there is a budget surplus or deficit. Saves the input values to local storage for future reference.

React Project

A sticky notes UI built with ReactJS with functionality for creating new notes, editing each note, searching through the notes for keywords, and deleting a note. Lifecycle methods save the notes to local storage so the lists can be accessed locally after closing the app window.

React Project

A Name Tag Generator UI built with ReactJS. It has an input field to generate a new name tag based on the name submitted. There is functionality to delete a name tag, and the tags data is saved to local storage for future reference locally.

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Los Gatos, California